July 17, 2019

25 Flowers for The 100 Day Project

Hello Creatives!

I recently committed to the 100 day project. It's an art project that challenges you to do creative for 100 days. I chose to paint or draw 100 flowers, and although the challenge has passed it's 100 days for this year, I am still doing the 100 flowers, just not as an every day thing.

The challenges I faced when I started this is I officially have Art- Attention- Deficit- Disorder (ha) and sometimes I would sit down to paint a flower and find that I've all of a sudden started a new painting. Not necessarily a bad thing but sticking to the plan would be better...

Also, announcing on social media that that is what I was doing committed me to show every flower I drew, when usually I do not share everything I do as an artist. I pick and choose what I share. I don't share every failed drawing, that's for sure! I didn't think of that before I started!

On the positive it challenged me to do regular entries in my sketch book, a practise I should aim to be doing as an artist. But as a busy Mum and running my own creative biz, I juggle many balls and sometimes I drop some (or all!) of them.

Enough chit chat! Here are the first 25 flowers in no particular order:

This last one is a pattern made from some of the flowers already shown

So, there you have it, 25 of the first flowers completed by either drawing or painting (with acrylic paints), and there's a quick digital one in there too.

I hope you enjoyed the show!

Jules :)

July 08, 2019

Studio Wall Mural

I have a new wall mural in my new studio!

We recently did some room shuffling in our house, and I moved studios. The room is slightly bigger with more storage than my last studio, but with all my stuff in there it looks small again! Oh well. I have plans that when my kids are all grown up and moved out I will take over so many rooms. 

Imagine that! A designated room for each area of my work.. a sewing room, a clay room, a computer room, a painting room. One can dream, ha!

I'll share some finished photos of the whole studio soon, but for now I'm showing this one corner. (I really need to clean the rest of the studio and I'd like to buy an outdoor rug to save the floor from a bit of paint.)

Here are some of the progress shots of the wall mural in progress:

I used a mix of student grade acrylics and house paint sample pots from the local hardware store. 

And some more photos of the finished wall mural:

The pre exisiting-shelves are handy to keep artworks-in-progress on, little creations and collectables.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this part of my new studio! I had a lot of fun painting this new mural.

Jules :)

May 01, 2019

Creative Life Round Up

Hello Creatives,

Time for a creative life round up I think!

All of these photos have appeared over on Insta, where I am most active. So come join in the fun over there :)

Recently I've been trying to finish a lot of paintings that are lying around my studio, to make way for the brain-space that is needed to undergo some BIG canvas paintings! They are big for me anyway. You can see my stretcher bars in my (new) studio that are awaiting canvas.

Below is a section of one of my paintings I've recently finished.

I'm working on 6 new large scale paintings. If you'd like to be notified when they're realised, sign up to my newsletter which you can find in the sidebar of this blog.

I have also completely moved my studio into a new room. You can see my new painting desk (table) that I bought second hand. It was an ex-display table in a shop, so it's a bit dinged up, which is fine because it will get no special treatment in my hands! I'm also painting a bit of a mural in the studio which you can see I started already in the corner. Proper studio photos in the near future.

Sometimes being a creative takes you in all sorts of directions. I painted a backdrop for a photographer friend of mine. I learnt a lot of things whilst painting this backdrop! I learned they are not as easy as they look, and that I do not want to start up a business painting photography backdrops in a hurry! Lol. Hands up if you'd like to see my process and hear about that project.

I finished my short ceramics course, and these are a few things I made from out of that class. I'm now working on a collection... when I don't get sidetracked by other little items that I can make out of clay.

I have been gifted a kiln by a very generous person who I'm sure mega good karma is coming her way. How nice is that!? Some people are so nice. Let's hope I don't melt everything in the new kiln.

Let's pop this photo in below just for fun. I'm stitching this Anna Maria Horner embroidery. Sometimes I like to work on projects that aren't my own designs so I can switch off and just create for the joy of it and not have to feel like I'm working. This project is 99% finished now and it has plans to be in the master bedroom when I finally get around to that project. (Do any of you creatives feel like you have an overwhelming amount of projects going on!?)

And here's me being colourful. Hashtag wear your joy. Just so you feel like an actual real-life-person is talking to you. Which I am.

Ooh! Our graffiti wall got a bit of love over the school holidays! Here's a snippet. Check out this post to get more mural/ graffiti wall inspo, or to read the story behind it.

Ok! I feel like I've sufficiently caught up here with creative happenings. 

I love feedback, so please do leave a comment or tell me what you love about the blog, or what you'd like to see here so I can keep posts relevant to YOU and what you'd like to see! 


Jules :)

April 20, 2019

Painted Easter Eggs

Hello Creatives!

Painted Easter Eggs for you today.

I found some blank craft eggs in a shop, I think they are plastic but they have a surface that felt like paper which made them perfect for painting on. They came with little plastic loops in the top for hanging them up. I popped them out for the purposes of taking photos, but have since put them back in and they are hanging on a little branch on the dining table. (Sorry, no photos of that!)

I went with an animal theme, except for one sneaky egg which wanted only flowers on it :)

I like the back of the octopus egg, I think, more than the front! I can see a whole set of painted Easter eggs for next year just in swirly designs.

They're all painted with acrylic paints and finished with acrylic gloss. 

Thanks for looking and Happy Easter!

Jules :)

March 18, 2019

DIY Painted Picture Frame

Hello Creatives!

A frame painting craft tutorial for you today. The end result is a textured frame that looks like it has some history... It has the look of having being painted a few times, but that is due to the texture that we will achieve through using paints and an acrylic gloss medium.

This post contains affiliate links (see bottom of post for explanation).

First, gather your supplies. Acrylic paints (Jo Sonja's acrylic paints are my pick), an acrylic gloss medium or varnish (Matisse Polymer Gloss Varnish is my fave), some fine sandpaper, and of course a frame and brushes and paint palette. Tissues will also come in handy.

When choosing a frame to paint, you want to grab something that has some different levels and surfaces. Some texture like flourishes or flowers would be even more interesting! I got this one from an op shop. 

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to painting your frame. Choose whatever colours you like. You could find an image with colours you love and try to replicate them into your frame.

After removing the backing and glass and giving my frame a light sand, I chose to coat my frame in two colour to start with. Turquoise, and a deep pink.

I then coated the frame with the acrylic gloss.

Once that was dry I mixed up some lighter pink and brushed a bit off onto some paper to 'dry' off my brush a bit, and then dry-brushed it onto the deep pink colour. I highlighted some of the thinner details of the frame with some bright green.

Then I mixed some pthalo blue with some of the varnish and brushed it over the turquoise. Use a damp (just damp- not wet) tissue to rub parts of this paint mix off before it has dried, leaving some areas darker than others.

I then added some orange paint by painting it onto a scrap piece of paper and rubbing it over the frame. I also did the same with some bright pink which you can see in the end photos.

Next up, I mixed up a lighter turquoise paint with some gloss varnish and scrumbled and painted that in random places all over the frame. I decided I would like to bring out more of the green layer so added some more highlights in using some yellow paint. I also used the pthalo blue mixed with some gloss to go over the pink part of the frame, using my tissue to wipe parts of the paint back, leaving darker areas especially in the recessed areas of the frame.

mixing paint :)

You could go nuts by adding more colour by dry-brushing, or adding more coloured gloss mixes, or scrambling more paint over it using the scrap paper. 

Once you're happy with the look of your frame, give the whole thing one final coat of gloss varnish.

So you can see how layering up the paint and gloss quickly adds texture & and the look of lots of layers. You can really play around with the techniques described to come up with your own unique frame in your choice of colours. Let the frame dictate to you by it's unique shape how it needs to be painted, and most of all, have fun!

Jules :)

*Affiliate Information: Affiliate links help me earn small commissions on products (at no extra cost to you), which helps support my love of blogging and sharing creative things. I only ever recommend or link to products that I'm genuinely into or would use.


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