March 18, 2016

The Completed Paper Mache Tree Project!

So happy to be sharing the completed Paper Mache Tree project! It's been years in the making; mainly because I start projects but then get sidetracked which means I have lots of half finished projects around my house. But, sometimes I do complete them! 
This tree stands in my girls' room. It's made of wire and paper mache, and then painted. I did glue some brown tissue paper on to 'undercoat' the trunk brown so I wouldn't have to paint it as much, and it also doubled up as good bark texture.
I love having a creative house. I think of my house like a big art canvas. So much potential. Be gone white walls! (As I keep saying to my husband, who mildly cringes every time I attack a blank wall, what did you expect when you married an artist!?)
I attached fairy lights to the roof, and stamped the roof with a home made leaf stamp and pinned up some fabric and paper. 
The walls are painted with acrylic paints. I just used students acrylics because it's cheaper for a big area. The did the job.
I also added some fake plants which really helped with the overall look.
So, you can lie down beneath the tree and gaze up into the tree tops...
(tweet, tweet)
...and watch the butterflies flit by.
Or you can crawl inside to rest or read a favourite book.
Watch out! There are already cheeky friends inside ;)
Bunnies are drawn to the tree; they love it inside. Especially if you pat them. In fact; lots of little creatures come in and out visiting the tree often.
So bring your cushions along and enjoy yourself in the forest.
You can see other progress posts about this project here:

And a big thank you to Tracey of Phlox Dragon Designs for taking the beautiful photos for me.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my tree project!

Jules :)


Unknown said...

Awesome !! That looks fantastic :)

Unknown said...

Hi please can you explain what wire you used for the tree and how you secured it to the wall. Also how did you make the opening I.e what did you do with the edge? Many thanks your project is ace!!

Jules Madden said...

The whole structure was made from chicken wire. If you go to this page you'll see the wire with the paper mache over the top. I cut open the 'door' at the front and bent the wire over so there were no sharp bits. The structure is screwed into the wall in a few places; it's pretty light weight so it didn't need to much anchoring. So washers and screws were placed in areas where there were joists. I hope that provides enough explanation!

Vanessa said...

Your tree is awesome and inspired me to make one myself! Thank you so much! Greetings from Sweden!

Unknown said...

Здравствуйте. Скажите пожалуйста чем Вы красили свое произведение искусства? Спасибо.

Jules Madden said...

Thanks to the last comment which I translated to read:
"Hello. Tell me please what did you paint your work of art? Thank you."

I used acrylic paints. For murals I sometimes use some student grade acrylics as they are cheaper, and I also use my good quality acrylic paints as well. :)

Stephen Robart said...

Extremely! Amazing!! informative article, well researched and clearly presented. Your hard work shown in your writing. Thank you for the hard work.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Larissa Stap said...

Hai, a message from the Netherlands. This is awesome! I’m planning on making this tree in a jungle room. But i’ve got a question, in the netherlands we don’t have Brown tissues.... do you think i can use Brown toilet paper or Brown napkins instead? Hope to hear from you soon��

Jules Madden said...

Hi Larissa,
No I wouldn't use tissues or napkins as they would just break apart when you use them. I'm talking "tissue paper", though you might call it something else in your country!? It's the fine thin paper used for wrapping delicate items, do you know what I mean? Any thin paper that you can wrinkle to get texture would work, and you could just paint it so it doesn't necessarily have to be brown. I hope that helps!!

KRo said...

Hi there! When you painted the tree...did you just use one brown / the same color?

Jules Madden said...

Hi kro,
I think I just used some left over browns I had in my stash- some house paints and cheap student grade acrylics, they might have been watered down a bit which gives variation in colour, it was so long ago now I can't remember the details!


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