April 23, 2018

An Anna Maria Horner Cross Stitch

I am super guilty of having many UFO's in my studio (unfinished objects), so I am pretty proud of myself that I just finished framing this cross stitch piece yesterday! And I didn't even start it that long ago!

The pattern comes from Anna Maria's Needlework Notebook. It's one of the more in-depth and detailed designs in the book, and I think it was the reason I bought the book. There are many other projects I would like to complete in this gorgeous book, which I find is rare for me to want to do any more than about 3 projects in one craft book. I attribute this to Anna's designs. She'd have to be my favourite fabric designer. I just love the colours she uses.

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In her book she mentions her daughter thought this pattern looked like candy and a computer game all at once. I think Anna's daughter was spot on!

I completed the bulk of this cross stitch whilst away on a holiday. I wanted a crafty project to work on that wasn't one of my own designs. I just wanted to switch off and create something without having to think about colour, composition and design. The number of hours poured into this work were many. My husband mentioned all I was doing every time he looked at me was stitching. I asked him to guess how much time I had spent on it. He estimated 100 hours!

The work was so worth it and was so fulfilling. I now have a cross stitch on my wall that I spent so much time on; and perhaps will be hanging in one of my girls' houses when I'm long gone. For someone who bores easily, for some reason the motivation stayed high through this whole project. I thoroughly enjoyed making it. I really love the texture and look that the little cross stitches have.

Waiting for my car to be repaired was as good a time as any to make a start...

The only thing I will say regarding the pattern is that it took me a long time to work out which colour went where, as the chart was only coloured and didn't have a symbol key. I think I got some colours mixed up and ended up using a colour from my own stash as I couldn't work it out. But all that said, I got there in the end and it was totally worth figuring out because Anna Maria Horner's designs are just so beautiful. My colours may not be exact, but I don't really think that matters.

Anna recommends and uses Anchor embroidery thread, and so I ordered the Anchor threads online (even though DMC is what I can source locally). When searching online for Anchor to DMC conversion charts, some of the numbers differed across different charts, so I ordered Anchor threads to make sure I had the right colours.

Anna Maria's Needlework Notebook includes projects in needlepoint, cross stitch, embroidery and crewelwork patterns, all with Anna's beautiful colourful style. Even though I am itching to start another project from this book, I really must focus on my own work. Perhaps I'll get this book off the shelf and get some supplies for my next holiday! I think I have started my own new personal tradition; working on a kit or design of someone else's whilst on holiday. (I also read a novel or two.)

You can find Anna's gorgeous book here: Anna Maria's Needlework Notebook

Jules :)

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