March 30, 2014

The Paper Mache Tree Project: Progress Shots

The paper mache tree project was on hold for a while. My plans got messed around a bit when I put the husband onto learning about EMF's, as our meter box (including the smart meter) is located right outside the kids' bedroom. He started researching, didn't like what he was reading, bought an EMF reading device and decided that we are either moving the meter box, or moving them to a different room. Total tree & mural plan stuff up! We'll get a quote for the relocation of the meter box, and in all the discussion of possibly changing their room I completely lost motivation to keep working on the tree. But, I decided yesterday that there is still quite a bit of work I can do on it anyway, and it will still be able to be moved at this stage if needed. 

So, we cracked out the flour and water and had a fun messy old time! This Mamma ain't really scared of a fun mess! And it was only flour and water, so it washes out of everything, it's non toxic, and easy to clean up. And some of my gluten free health nut friends would say this is a much better use for this gluggy grain! The kids were repeating "gloopy- glue, gloopy- glue", as they were working. Not much work was being done, just a lot of squishing and squelching around with the mixture! My working process for this is to wait until they get bored, then carry on with productive work when I've kicked them outside covered in glue.

I think I'll need one more paper macheing session and then that part of the project will be complete. I have renewed motivation to keep working on the tree, and motivation to work this room situation out soon. I would really love to keep the kids in their current room, it's such a great size, and we had a pretty chandelier light installed there too. It's coming along, yeah? :) I am so excited!

Update: This project is now finished! You can view the first post about this tree here, or view the finished tree in this blog post.

Jules :)

March 23, 2014

In Art & Life...

Hello, it's been a while... again! I do so much wish to get back into blogging more, but it will take me a bit of time to get some more time as my little kiddies grow. Little Miss Isla has been having trouble separating from me at kinder, and so I have been hanging around there playing with three year olds. So my plan of her starting kinder and me getting a bit more art time hasn't really panned out just yet. But we'll get there, I am not worried :) I have waited five and a half years! What's a little more?
Here's a little peek at some art I have done recently. I did post these on my facebook page recently, but I know everyone's not on it so I will post piccies here too. The top one is called "Startled", and it's pencil and acrylic on paper. The second one is a painting I started recently at the Warragul Arts Market. I am happy with what I've done so far, but the momentum kind of slowed for me and I need to take some time to look at it and figure out where I'm going with this. I like to follow a natural path with my work, and if it feels forced, well, it's just going to look forced and unnatural. I like how these guys are so content and relaxed. They are happy with themselves, to just 'be'. There's no need for chit-chat; their meditative stroll & their thoughts are all that is needed.

In other areas of my life I've recently been thinking about how I can save money... OP SHOPPING!!! I need a few new clothes and I'm trying to find cheap items that I can upcycle myself. I have been on the look out for a jacket, as winter is coming up, and SCORE!! I found one, so happy. But first, here's a skirt that was too small, so I pulled off the original waistband and sewed on a stretchy one. Done! Easy.

Here are some items I've picked up op shopping.. the top left has some serious ruffles going on that accentuates my pin head, so I will just tuck and hand stitch bits down until it looks better. The two square bits were fabric I found, I soooo love the yellow fabric there, what a find! The green top on the top right needs whizzing in at the sides, that will be quick. The top under it fits ok except for the tight waistband. I will take that off and make it a bit bigger before sewing it back on. The retro-y dress in the middle needs a neckline and sleeve update, the other top at the bottom left needs nothing done and the scarf will go in my studio square scarves collection, and one day I will start sewing them all together to make a curtain for somewhere in the house. 

And this jacket!!! It's all wool! $8. And in one of my favourite colours :) I got eager and started messing around with it before I took the photos.. so here it's already been pinned in, and shoulder pads have been removed. It was really square with no shape, and a tad big. 

To make it easier, it has no lining. Which is ok, I guess you wear jackets over long sleeve tops anyway.  I have started safety pinning it in at the seams, to give it a more fitted look. I will straight sew these seams before overlocking, so I can unpick if needed and make sure I'm happy with the new seams before I commit. I'm up for a challenge!

So I'm proud that I have been finding some cheaper and environmentally friendly ways of updating my wardrobe. And even though I'm not looking forward to cold weather, I am starting to look forward to layers of clothes, warm comfort foods, cuddles with my kiddies, and watching them stomp about in gumboots, raincoats & beanies. :)


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