January 19, 2018

A Late Christmas Post & Update


I have been very quiet again here, sorry! I thought I'd do a belated Christmas post, showing the decoration I made for Christmas 2017, which is now last year.

Gluten free macadamia & current shortbreads that were a hit! Seriously, healthy food is yummy!

We decided to stay home this year instead of driving here there and everywhere to see family. But, I wasn't getting out of any work as people came to us instead. I kind of forgot about that part! Lucky I have a great Mum who came and helped me with everything, and family members also all brought something to share, which lightened the workload.

For my Christmas display above the table, I placed a plank of wood on top of my hanging Morrocan style light. I used some greenery from the garden and tied it all on securely with string.

I hung felt stars that were previously made for a craft tutorial I did recently. I draped second-hand necklaces around the branches, then twisted some little battery operated lights around it all. 

I had a bag of pearl beads and I set the kids to work threading them and hung them up too. Putting the kids to work makes jobs like these easier, and they love helping me with projects like this. They enjoyed choosing the different colour combinations of the beads.

Christmas was fun and pretty relaxing. Except for the trampoline that a certain delivery company couldn't deliver to us in time, but it all worked out ok, the kids were very happy with what they received Christmas morning, and the trampoline was basically a replacement for the old rusty one we already had in the backyard. We have since received our new trampoline and the kids are very happy!

We had a second round of people over for New Years, and I made my husband fill two buckets with concrete and branches for me to string lights between. I will have to take a photo of that to share.

I have been a little absent lately as our new puppy got very, very sick. I have been dealing with vets and doing lots of research and have a whole protocol of things I am doing for him. We nearly lost him. Twice. He seems to be on the improve now though, so fingers crossed we are through the worst of it and that he will be ok! Here he is enjoying the swing at the local park :) He is a dag :) He had immune mediated polyarthritis, meningitis, and signs pointing to immune mediated thrombocytopenia where basically your platelets are attacked and you start bleeding internally. The arthritis was an immune attack on his own body. He is not 100% as he went through a lot and is now on medication. We suspect his puppy vaccinations were the cause or trigger. It's been an awful experience and a very expensive one too. 

And see my nails in the above photo? We have really got into nail painting these school holidays! Here are some bunny nails I did for my eldest, courtesy of Pinterest searching!

A project I have begun work on is a chicken coop reno!! Here's a sign I have painted for above the front door. We need more nesting boxes and perches so I am going to get Jim to do those, but I have a few plans for doing up the girls' space with a touch of colour. After all, they do need some prettiness to lay their eggs, right!?

Hope you've enjoyed my update. Happy New Year to you all and I'm looking forward to 2018 being a super creative year!

Jules :)


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