February 24, 2014

Tutorial: Lined Drawstring Bag

In a rushed night-before-it-was-needed effort I made a library bag for Miss Isla. I scoured the net for something that would save me as much time as possible. I found a great tutorial that I would love to credit, but now I can't find the link! I made a few changes to the tutorial to make it easier & even quicker. In the end I spent more time ironing on pretty Sukie transfers than I did making the bag! Seriously, this is the quickest sewing project I've ever done! So I just had to share.

You will need fabric and some sort of tape or ribbon for the drawstring. Amounts depend on the chosen dimension of your bag.

First of all you need to decide the finished dimensions of your bag. I made a little card holder bag for this tute, which was 12 x 17.5cm. Make sure you add a bit of length so that the drawstring will close nicely without squashing your contents; particularly important if making a library bag. I made Miss Isla's bag 34 x 44cm. Cut a piece of card or paper the finished size of your bag.

Now lay your template on your fabric. You need to cut four times the size of your template (just flip the template around on your fabric), with a seam allowance all around the edge. I've gone for 1cm. Make any markings for cutting on the wrong side of your fabric. 

Once cut out, fold lengthwise, right sides together. (So sides together.) Mark the centre on the side and then 1.5cm on either side of the centre. 

Now sew all around the open edges, leaving that 3cm gap open.

Clip your corners..

Use that small hole to turn the fabric right side out. If you're making a library bag, you might want to make the gap say, 4cm for ease. Make sure all your corners are poked out nicely. I use whatever I can grab, a knitting needle or the end of a paintbrush...

Now push & fold one of the ends into the other side. It does not matter which one. 

Sew all around the top of the bag, a 1.5- 2cm seam is sufficient. 

Thread your chosen tape right through using a safety pin, cut evenly and knot together the ends.

You are SO done. Admire your work! How easy was that!?

Into the playroom you go!

This is my first tutorial. I would love your feedback.


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