October 03, 2015

New Brooch Available

I have just finalised my design for this new brooch that has just been listed in my shop

It's a dreamy night time creature that frolics around in your sub conscious ;)

The original form was hand sculpted by myself and then I made a mould from it. Each is reproduced in polymer clay, and then hand painted. Because of the processes I use to create these they can be baked up to four times until each piece is finally finished. 

It's a unique piece of wearable art for inspired individuals! 

This art print is now available too. 

I'm starting to gear up for my local Arts Market coming up in a couple of weeks. I'll have some of my new items there, or you're welcome to get me to hold anything as I know there are a few interested in this print and they may not want to miss out! If you're local, that is ;)

Now I'm off to do some more crafting, I have some secret projects going on which is why I've been quiet of late. I'll try to show some more arty stuff soon!

Jules :)


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