December 15, 2016

Some Photos From Our Backyard

The other evening it was lovely and warm so we thought we'd hang around in the backyard and I took some photos. We went inside when the mozzies started coming out. (They love me and Miss 8.)
Apparently my mosaic doggy was thirsty and needed a drink :)
A pond and water feature that the Mr created. Habitat, for frogs!
This froglet was tiny!
The backyard is pretty much the Mr's project and he has planted Australian natives throughout. We get all kinds of wildlife including parrots. We get rosellas, king parrots and the awesome and prehistoric sounding black cockatoos. One day I might be able to get a photo of these birds!

My favourite angle of the house & future fire pit area.
I love the fluffy looking Acacia Cog plants.
This is the area of garden that I take over and I've put in some non- native plants. This is the kids area. It has their cubby house which you can see in more detail in this blog post.
As the sun was setting it really brought out the colour of these magnificent Kangaroo Paw flowers. They really grow like crazy in Gippsland. They are taller than me.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some photos of around our backyard. Rest assured it's not all pretty! We are on an acre and are in the process of tackling some majorly big weeds!

Jules :)

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