December 09, 2016

How Kids Art Has Inspired Me

In the past I used to do very tight illustrations- most of my colours were in the lines, things tended to be outlined and I went through a lot of tiny little brushes.
Kids Art
Of course, over the years my art and illustration style has evolved, but I think creating art with kids and watching my kids creating art has definitely influenced my style.
Kids Art: big sweeping lines- no fear here.
More kids art: you can feel there's no delicate work here, just bold pasting of shapes and mark making, especially that big swirl up the side.

When Miss 8 was just a bub and starting to pick up some crayons and make marks on paper, I joined her. What liberation! I still remember this very first time we did this together, and I discovered a freedom of creating I had lost a very long time ago!
A Painting by Miss 6

It was so much fun! We scribbled and made a big mess! We splodged together and splattered together.  Don't get me started on how fun play dough is!

I enjoyed it so much I started to bring more of a loose style and painterly strokes into my artworks.
More bold mark-making - From Miss 8 last year

I still try to be conscious of the fact that sometimes due to my illustration background I tend to get too rigid; stuck in a small place within the painting with my concentration mode set to high. I have to consciously break away from that and spiral outwards. Shake off the feelings of seriousness and remember to loosen up and bring that playful element back into the act of creating art.

Watching kids create is wonderful. Their unexpected lines and mark making can never be predicted and always surprises me. You almost get a glimpse into the way they perceive their world.
Some amazing line work -5 years

I feel a tinge of sadness when kids get a bit older and they feel frustration and disappointment with their work because they're trying to create something that looks good. When it doesn't turn out the way they want they criticise themselves and feel that they "can't do art". I'd love to delve a bit deeper into that topic in a future post.
Their influence is evident in this section of one of my paintings.

So I have my kids to thank for the evolution of my art and where it is today. I have learned so much from just watching them create, and I expect many more years of learning from these wonderful teachers yet.

Jules :)

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