September 16, 2016

Pattern Design & Spoonflower Fabric

Hello creativity lovers! I'm talking surface pattern design today.
Fairy House- My first ever pattern design

My second; Vintage Flamingos

I recently ventured into the world of surface pattern design. Of course if there's a new thing out there I have to learn it. Mastering the pattern design basics in photoshop wasn't going to pass me by.

I had a trial subscription to Skillshare and I took a class in Surface Pattern Design. It's pretty awesome. You just have to have the time to watch the tutorials and complete the given tasks. But there are so many things you can learn to do there. I really think it's worth the money if you have the time or have something specific you'd like to learn.
The flamingos in creation stage

I learnt a new easy method that uses a minimum of maths, which is fantastic for the 'mathematical failure' that I am! So, it's not the 'traditional' way of learning this skill, but it works, and I found it not too tricky to learn.

The class was created by Agnieszka Kobylinska. So I completed her course and got stuck into creating some patterns right away. I really like the method she uses, I didn't even bother learning the traditional way of doing it (which she also includes in the class), it seems technical but I'm sure I'd get the hang of it if I gave it a shot.

I uploaded my new designs to Spoonflower to get them printed onto some fabric. I also made them available for purchase through my new Spoonflower shop.

I placed an order with them and received my package in the mail. Honestly, it was the most exciting package I received in the mail for a long time! I was even scared to open it I was that excited!
My fabric! I've never had my art transformed into fabric before. I was really happy with the quality. Such a great new medium for me with so many possibilities. See the dark blue fabric? That is destined for some new cushions. Stay tuned for those...

Time to start a new pattern?

Jules :)

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