September 13, 2016

Inspiration on Instagram

luurve Instagram <----- That link unashamedly goes to my Instagram page!

I find for creative people, and people who love creativeness and pretty pictures, it's definitely at the top of my list as far as social media goes. I find it a 'nicer' space. People seem to be more interactive and kinder there than say, Facebook. But that's just my humble opinion. I haven't got into Twitter so can't comment there.

Sometimes I get so excited by pictures I see on IG. It's so inspiring. I thought I'd share a few today of my latest favourites. Every time I see photos from these creative Instagram accounts my heart skips a beat.

So today I'm sharing the love. Enjoy!
I love the eclecticness and pure creativity that channels through Magpie Ethel's Instagram feed.
These house photos are scrumptious goods for my eyes. I wish that Lisa Loves Vintage would come to my place and style the whole thing for me.
Colorful SparkleColour. Colour, colour, colour! Happiness, home life and inspiration. That about sums up this Insta feed.

Part Shade Full Sun is homely and crafty. Down to Earth with lovely family-life sentiments. 

Liz PayneCrazy cool crafted art, so modern and fresh. I love everything in this feed and wonder if she makes it all herself? So much work!

Happy Instagramming. Yes, that's a real verb now.

Jules :)

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