June 09, 2017

Home Decorating Book: Happy Home

Today I'm reviewing the home decorating book "Happy Home: Everyday Magic for a Colorful Life" on the blog.

I was happy to have a fellow internet- friend artist and reader recommend this home decorating book  to me after my last post on two awesome decorating books. This book fits into the same category as the other two, in that it's colourful, inspirational, and one of those chuck-out-the-rule-book books that encourages you to follow your own heart rather than some sort of defined formula for decorating your home.

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I'm definitely a sucker for home decorating books that are in the colourful eclectic category. My only concern is I will sit down and spend too much time looking at beautiful books rather than decorating my home!

This book is by the founder of Rice Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau. It's no wonder that this book is fantastically colourful and inspiring when you have seen some of Rice's colourful products.

Some fun colourful products from Rice

The book goes through different sections of the home in detail, with inspiration and encouragement to play with colour and trust your choices.

I've been thinking of the fear we seem to have here of colour in Australia. I mean, I'm not sure you'd look at some bright pink flowers on a tree you've chosen for your garden and say... oh, I don't know, I might just get sick of that colour, better stick to white!

I am totally being cheeky right now. I get that people like neutrals, but I think it's sad when someone loves colour but they're too afraid to use it.

Colour makes me happy which is why I surround myself with it. So books like this easily win me over. You can see by these few photos from in my house why I love this style of book and decorating.

Images from my home

As I've mentioned before, I like home decorating books to have the perfect balance between words and photos. You need lots of photos in a home decorating book. And you need lots of tips and worded prompts to get you thinking about your spaces. This book has that balance.

Happy Home is available on Amazon.

Give me a shout if you have discovered a home decorating book I'd love.

Jules :)

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