June 05, 2017

Make Art That Sells- Wall Art

This illustration for the MATS A course I am taking jumped the queue! The next one in line was the Children's Book component (I'm 3/4 the way through so I will be posting that very soon), but this one is in the running to be reviewed live by Lilla Rogers in a week or so and so I completed it first. It would be so awesome to be chosen for a live review in the class. Even if I don't get chosen I will be super happy for anyone that does and will enjoy watching it. (The live reviews are only visible by class members.)

This piece was for the Wall Art category. I had a colour palette allocated to me, which was pink & blue. I had no fear there, I love all colours so it really wouldn't have mattered what colours I got!

I started by collecting some bits and pieces as this was to be done as a mixed media piece. I found a cool website called The Graphics Fairy where you can download images to use in art as they are copyright free. I also created some bits to use like the little painted circles there, and raided my crafty stash.

I started by doing a collage and then just adding more and more elements. I used paint, stencils, stamping (the bird is a hand made stamp made by me), a variety of papers, and paint pens.

Once I had covered the whole panel I added the words "just be you", and started drawing in the lady. I started by drawing her straight onto the board, but then decided I would have more confidence with drawing her shape if I did it on a large piece of paper first and then transferred it on.

I started drawing and painting in the bunch of flowers too.

Once drawn I positioned the image and could transfer it onto the panel. Much easier!

I then collaged some more elements on top of the painting; little tiles and buttons, those painted circles, and some doilies that were in my studio for another project I'm working on.

I had a lot of fun on this one. I loved using the doilies in the illustration. 

My aim was to create something uplifting that someone would love to hang on their wall.

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Jules :)

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