November 21, 2016

Illustration Friday- Spider

Last weeks Illustration Friday topic was 'spider'.

I did a quick sketch book entry for this one.
And I was thinking about spiders whilst I was creating. And my over-the-top fear I have for them! So creepy. Especially the big huntsman types that like to visit us in our homes, or the whitetails that like to hide in our clothes on the floor. Ugh! We also have a few redback spiders lurking out in the garage that we have to be careful of. I don't think many Aussies go willy-nilly grabbing at old dusty stuff in their garages without being slightly cautious! 
On a particular girls trip to Warburton we encountered a previously settled in guest in one of the bedrooms. We elected to leave it to have the whole room to itself and slept in the lounge room instead ;)
I hope the next time I feel inclined to do an Illustration Friday topic it's one that I feel a bit warmer towards.

Go on, tell me in the comments; spiders: love or loathe?

Jules :)

*Daddy-long-legs are excluded from the freaky spider category ;)

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