November 14, 2016

Instagram Loves

I love Instagram. And I love to share other people's work too.

Here are some creative art accounts that I am swooning over at the moment.

Becky Blair. Beautiful, amazing work with a soothing quality. I think the blurry elements she places in her paintings make me feel soothed.
Frances Ryan is an Artist living in Ireland. I especially love the contrast between elements in her paintings. Such as intricate little details next to an expanse of flat space.
I really enjoy all the fun and colour on Lori Siebert's account. There's a lot of really fun energy flowing out of her Instagram feed.
Jill Mayberg. The texture and colour! And the texture and colour! No, that's not a typo, I just needed to say it twice! :)
And Bandicoot Art. These works kind of remind me of doodles. If you happen to be a top-class professional doodler, that is. Seriously, it's really intriguing art with a naive feel. And the works have got that textural quality. And colour. You know I love texture & colour.
Ahh, Instagram. My fave of all the social media beasts.

Hope you enjoyed that line up.

Jules :)

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