July 08, 2019

Studio Wall Mural

I have a new wall mural in my new studio!

We recently did some room shuffling in our house, and I moved studios. The room is slightly bigger with more storage than my last studio, but with all my stuff in there it looks small again! Oh well. I have plans that when my kids are all grown up and moved out I will take over so many rooms. 

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Imagine that! A designated room for each area of my work.. a sewing room, a clay room, a computer room, a painting room. One can dream, ha!

I'll share some finished photos of the whole studio soon, but for now I'm showing this one corner. (I really need to clean the rest of the studio and I'd like to buy an outdoor rug to save the floor from a bit of paint.)

Here are some of the progress shots of the wall mural in progress:

I used a mix of student grade acrylics and house paint sample pots from the local hardware store. 

And some more photos of the finished wall mural:

The pre exisiting-shelves are handy to keep artworks-in-progress on, little creations and collectables.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this part of my new studio! I had a lot of fun painting this new mural.

Jules :)

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Uwalls said...

You have painted very nice on your wall, all design on your wall are looks great.


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