March 25, 2017

DIY Craft: Stamped Easter Bunny Gift Tags

Easter Craft Project

I have an easy craft project to do today for Easter coming up. It's an Easter Bunny stamping craft project. You could use these tags to spruce up some little chocolate gift bags. 

This one uses basic materials and is easy enough for the kids to do/ or help out, depending on age of course. 

You will need:

- Paper
- Foam sheet (just the kind you use for kids crafts)
- Ink pad (we used black)
- Acrylic paints 
- Watercolour paper (nothing fancy; you may use student quality- just make sure it's smooth)
- Glitter (yay!)
- Stamp block*

Other things you'll need: Pen, pencil, scissors, hole puncher, double sided tape

Start by working out the size of your tags.  I made mine 2 x 3 1/2" (5 x 8.5cm). 

Draw the tag size onto some paper then draw a simple bunny head. Start with a circle for the face, then add your two ears and facial features. You may want to draw it a few times and then pick your favourite. Don't worry about perfection here. Cuteness comes in the naive details :)

Once you're happy with your bunny face, place the image over the foam & draw around the edges, That will produce a bit of a ghost line on the foam so you know where to cut out. Alternatively just hold the paper on the foam and cut around the shape. Press into the foam with your pen over the bunny facial features to imprint the details. 

Then remove thew paper template and go over the facial details again pressing down to indent the lines a bit more.

I attached my bunny face onto the stamp block using some double sided tape. 

*I had a see-through stamp block that I found in a cheap craft store, you may also use a block of wood or something else similar that will do the same job.

Then, stamp away! Take your stamp ink pad and make some test prints.

Now you can decorate your paper.

I added a watercolour effect to my paper. I use a smooth surfaced paper, so that when I stamp my image it is not affected by the paper texture. I simply water down acrylics and paint with them like watercolours.

Keep adding more paint until you're happy with how it looks.

Once dry you can cut out to your predetermined size.

Stamp your bunny faces onto your tags, leaving space at the top for a hole to be punched. I love the look of stamping, the slight variations and rustic-ness of the printed images pleases me :)

I then mixed up some warm red with a bit of white and a touch of cool blue. I made the paint thick and blobby so that I could paint a spot and glitter would stick to it when sprinkled over.

So, sprinkle your glitter and shake off excess. Snip your top two corners off and punch a hole in the top. 

And you're done! Wait to dry then use to decorate some Easter gifts. 

Variation: If you'd like to simplify the project for younger kids or if you're a teacher doing this with a class, you could use some heavyweight scrapbook card instead of painting your own tags. Then just proceed with the stamping and adding some paint & glitter.


Jules :)

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