February 06, 2017

New Modern Style Brooches/ Pins in The Shop


I have some new brooches/ pins that have just hit the (virtual) shelves!
clay jewelry, statement jewelry, brooch, handmade jewelry
They are handmade from polymer clay, hand- formed, hand painted, unique, arty, and bold.
bronze accent handmade brooch, hand painted jewellery, colorful & unique
modern jewellery, modern jewelry, polymer clay, handmade
Each brooch is rolled out from the clay, then I carve each one out in the flower shape that I am currently obsessed with. I am not sure when I will be done with this flower shape. It appears in lots of art & paintings that I do.
unique, handmade, hand painted jewelry, handmade brooch
I then add some texture and bake.
colorful unique style brooch with bronze accents
Each is hand painted just as I would a painting; individually and each has no plan when they are started. I just get a 'feel' for a certain colour and just start painting away, adding more colour and texture as I go. It's quite intuitive and I stop when I feel no more urge to add any more colour anywhere and when I feel it is finished.
colorful unique modern brooch, handmade, hand painted
I think they make quite a statement and would suit someone with a love of colour and creativity.
clay jewelry, modern, bright, colorful, brooches, collection, jewelry collection, handmade
You can find a range of these brooches in this modern flower range now in the shop.

Jules :)


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