February 21, 2017

My Art Studio Electronic Equipment & New Printer (Yay!!)

As well as all my art materials and supplies, like canvasses, panels, paints, brushes, pencils etc etc I have a number of electronic 'tools' in my art studio here.

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So, my trusty electronic studio gadgets include:

-An Epson 3800 printer which I use to print out my giclee prints. It holds archival ink tanks and is reserved for printing art prints only.
(A giclee print (pronounced "ggee-clay"- say the 'g' as if you're French) is another term for a Fine Art digital print. All prints in my shop are printed right here in the studio using only archival, museum grade quality inks and papers for my prints.)

 -My trusty iMac desktop computer with a 27" screen which really is fantastic for doing artwork on. (I clutter up my virtual desktop just the same as I clutter up my physical desktop; I need space!)
- A Wacom tablet for drawing digitally. (Mine is a little on the old side but it's still doing the job nicely- I'm scared to look at how far this technology has come as I'm sure I'll want to upgrade if I do.)
Drawing Tablet, art studio tools and equipment
My Wacom Drawing Tablet

- An Epson V800 Scanner. I did a lot of research when it came to using scanners for artwork, which could be a whole other blog post. I ended up deciding on the V800. And for anyone that's researching it for scanning large artworks: yes! The lid comes right off! (I could not find that information anywhere- not even from Epson themselves!)
Epson V800 Scanner

-Small toaster oven for baking polymer clay items (as I'd rather not use my food oven).

-Other small items are a lightbox and a cheap hairdryer. Both entirely indispensable when it comes to creating art, in my humble opinion.
High tech stuff

-Then I have a normal everyday printer. I use my everyday printer for printing recipes, enlarging roughs, printing out invoices, the kids homework, and printing things like mailing labels and tags for my products. And... er... printing out numerous copies of Equestria Girl characters for my girls to copy from... *roll eyes here*.

Which is where my new purchase comes in. Way to go Epson for bringing out a cartridge-less printer!!
Epson EcoTank

I spent a small fortune last year on ink cartridges for my cheap everyday Epson printer, but unfortunately it has died and I need to replace it. I could've bought another cheap printer and kept throwing well earned money at new ink cartridges; but I decided to pay more upfront and have purchased a Epson Expression EcoTank Printer ET2500. The ink comes in bottles and you place the bottles directly into the printer. Apparently the bottles print around 4000 pages in black and white or 6500 pages in colour. I will rejoice in not having to replace those darn cartridges all the time! And they always seem to run out at the most inconvenient of times. And the bottles are cheap!  Around $15 AUD per colour (so that's cheaper is US dollars; my US friends) when you actually need to replace.

Perhaps Epson had to come out with something like this, though I'm not sure if other companies have similar versions, but due to so many people feeling dissatisfied and ripped off by ink cartridges I think it was high time something like this came out. I'm very excited to be done with those ink cartridges and I can finally print freely without feeling like I'm printing with the liquid from an expensive bottle of champagne.

I've also ordered 100% recycled copy paper, as I needed some more of that, too.

Just don't tell my two girls that we could potentially be printing out hundreds of copies of Equestria Girl characters. Ok?

Hurry up delivery man!

Check out the Epson Expression EcoTank Printer ET2500 on Amazon.

Jules :)

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