April 02, 2017

Creative Life Round Up

Thought I'd do another one of those rambling/ round up/ catch up posts as I've been working on lots of bits n pieces here, there and everywhere. (Which is very similar to how I live my while life really; short attention span, quickly going from one thing to the next, leaving large messes behind me as I go...!)

I made a new craft tutorial for making your own bendable Easter Bunny Ears, and is now up on Alisa Burke's blog

easter craft, bunny ears, cute craft

Miss S and her bunny ears- my kids usually get to keep my finished crafts from the tutorials I make!

One of my passions is creative interiors, and I'm always looking for ways to spruce up my home. (I keep thinking the prettier it is, perhaps it will hide the mess? No?) I had some beautiful flower linen fabric for ages that I meant to make into cushions. But because my Mum is such an ace sewer, I hand balled the job over her. How good are Mums that sew!?

My new cushions and also some extra vintage fabric cushions I found recently whilst op shopping.

I used to make and sell a lot of bags back in my 20's. Thought I'd get into making some more. This is one bag I made not too long ago. It's from a Made by Rae pattern. (All her sewing patterns are so ace.) So, I have designed a new front panel, which I am not showing here yet, but I did go fabric shopping and bought all those lovely fabrics below the bag photo which will become new bags very soon. Yummy! I love fabric shopping! (Thanks again in advance, Mum.)

Some of the selected fabrics...

A paint palette shot from this week in the studio.

I've been busy working on some paintings, adding hangers, and visiting the local framers for a group exhibition coming soon in a town near me in The Station Gallery.

Some of the 10 works I've chosen to exhibit

And the school holidays have officially started! I've been busy trying to get lots of work done so I can relax a bit with my kiddies over the break. Hoping to do lots of this kind of thing:

Because, downtime and reflection are just as important a part of the creative process, I think.

Hope you've been creatively busy too, I'll be back soon with more creativity...

Jules :)

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