March 21, 2017

Colourful Wish List

Well hello, creative people :)

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Here's my colourful wish list for the moment. So colour addicted. :)

A little while back I mentioned Lyra pencils as a great brand of coloured pencil for intense colour; but I've recently tried out Prismacolor pencils and am investing in a set. I'm not saying these are better, I'd have to get my hands on a set of Lyra and do a comparison, but then again that would be just my opinion anyway, and other creatives have their own preferences for how an art material should perform. Then I'm sure there are other great brands of pencils to get me all even more confused!

Art supplies
This rug, but in runner form for my stairs. It's flat woven, so am not sure if it will hold up to lots of traffic. It's the perfect blend of being colourful but not too crazy and over the top to please the more conservative people in my life ;) Found via Temple & Webster.

Eclectic home decor, home decorating, boho rug
I am so digging these vintage tea towel cushions by Morgan Wills. They are so creative and quirky. I could probably get sucked down a rabbit hole on that website too! Note to self: don't go there, you got work to do!

Home decor, eclectic, colorful

And whilst I'm on the subject of cushions here's one from Nathalie Lete. I faint with all the amazing stuff that she does.

Art pillow, art cushion

Also, just yes please. Via Vivadecora. No explanation needed.

quirky, eclectic & boho home decor

And perhaps a wall full of colourful needlework via Swoon!

Colourful needlework craft

These crazy good concrete planters from Emma McDowall.

And I cannot do a colourful wish list without including something from Anthropologie. I'll have these reusable mugs thanks! I am an obsessed tea drinker; all kinds. Tastes better in a pretty cup, if you ask me. Also, I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to awesome tea cups, did you know? :)

Pretty and colorful homewares

I have the feeling like I've eaten too much chocolate cake now. So good but I'm hurting...

Jules :)

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Jess said...

Such beauties to behold! I love that rug! My favourite coloured pencils are the Prismacolours. I can't use anything else since I the day I tried them. They're so creamy and blend so well don't they? Thanks for all this eye candy, I'm off to look at your teacup Pins now! ;) xx


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