October 29, 2018

Bunny Turns Ten! And Bonus DIY Party Favor craft Tutorial!

Hello Creatives!

Bunny turned 10! I can't believe it! So we had a special celebration, and I wanted to share a tutorial for the party favor craft we did at the party.

First up, here's the bunny cake that I spent a whole day on making! I found a beautiful cake on Pinterest and set out to recreate something similar. I've never piped icing flowers before, but I had a piping set, the will, and then a bit of searching how to pipe flowers on you-tube and I was ready to go.

The cake was marbled pink inside, and I also cut out a chunk out from the center and filled it with baby marshmallows. 

Grab 'em while you can!!

Here's an aerial view of the top of the cake...

The cake below was my inspiration, but the link on Pinterest didn't go anywhere. If this is your cake, or you know who's it is, please let me know so I can credit it.

The nibbles table...

In lieu of lolly bags (whose kids need extra sugar after a party!?) we completed a craft activity which I finished up whilst the kids were busy so they could take them home with them when they left.

We used stamps, beads & patterned buttons to stamp into flattened disks of polymer clay. I found I had to roll the clay out for the girls to keep a nice even shape.

We poked holes through the top with something sharp. A skewer would work well. 

After the girls finished stamping their pendants, I baked the clay in the oven. We used white Sculpey; it's easy and quick to get soft and usable.

After they baked and cooled I took orders for colours, and painted them all over. I then took a damp tissue and wiped away the excess colour, leaving the paint to sit in the recessed areas to make the texture stand out.

I added jump-rings to each pendant and a bit of coloured cord. They were a hit and I don't think the lolly bags were even missed!

I could've done the painting with the kids too, but we just ran out of time. We had some farm animals (including bunnies of course) at the party for a couple of hours so that was our main activity.

We've also recently had our other daughter's party, so I will share details of that soon. (It was Harry Potter themed.)

Now to rest and recover, and get back to normal life!


Jules :)

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