January 04, 2014

Shop Update

I have been updating my shop. Fun! Here are some new goodies you can find in there.. some birdy brooches, which always do well at the markets.. head over to my shop if you'd like to see some different pics of these.

And I am starting to get some prints back into my shop. They are my favourite to get out there! I mentioned this one recently on my facebook page. I painted it to ring in the New Year, as gratitude is a feeling I am going to try and be more conscious of this year. I really am grateful for all that is in my life, and I am going to try to be grateful of the lessons I can learn through difficult times. After all, how can we really be appreciative of the wonderful things in life if we never experience the pitfalls? The happiness paradox I think this is called.
I am hoping to put one of these prints up on the wall somewhere so that I can be reminded to be grateful. I hesitate to call it a new years resolution, as these never stick for me.. I need something a little more sustainable! 


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