March 19, 2018

Pambula 2018

It was a long time coming (two years approximately!) but we finally got ourselves off on a much needed holiday to Pambula NSW.

I loved every minute of it, and probably ate way too much, but hey... holidays, right!?

Normally I take a few days to wind down and be able to relax, but this time I was all over the relaxing thing from the moment we got there. We ate simply; so no fancy time-consuming meals in the kitchen, Jim did most of the cooking, which left plenty of time for relaxing, swimming, exploring, reading and stitching. I choose to take a cross stitch with me, rather than work on something of my own. I just really wanted to switch off and not have to think! It was so enjoyable working on this cross stitch, I stitched away for hours and never got tired of it. I kind of feel guilty if I work on something like this at home thinking I should really be working on my own art projects.

It always amazes me how much time in the day there is when you live with just what you need, in a small cabin that takes 5 minutes to sweep out. So much more time can be devoted to living.

The girls first time fishing

I did take my sketchbook and paints as well as the cross stitch, and I'm so glad I did as the interesting beach finds and different shapes I saw really got my inspiration flowing. I probably come back from these trips with way too many photos of different seaweeds and plant life. A few times I sat on the beach and painted in my sketchbook whilst the kids played in the waves.

I think I would need a year of thoroughly exploring the inspiration that the seaweed and ocean treasures gave me. One week just wasn't enough to capture it!

I found this old end of a tin, and thought it looked like ready-made framed art :)

Some beach inspired painting

The requisite mermaid sand sculpture

I can't forget mentioning the wildlife, which, next to swimming, the kids were most excited about. We visited a wildlife sanctuary, and there was plenty of wildlife around us too, such as kangaroos, goannas, lorikeets & stingrays.

Check out the eagle in the background!

At Potoroo Palace Merimbula NSW

Breaks are so important to reset and rejuvenate. But they never are long enough! :)

Exploring the fishing town Eden NSW

Early morning sunrise on Pambula Beach

Hope you enjoyed our photos! Already thinking about the next holiday, hopefully it's not another 2 years away.

Jules :)

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Jess said...

It looks and sounds idyllic! Love the different seaweeds, they're sure to inspire and you can't have too many photos these days. ;) The tin lid covered with barnacles looks amazing, did you keep it? x


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