July 18, 2017

Garden Art: Decorating Plant Pots

This blog post is about a creative garden art project I did with the kids. Decorating plant pots.

Or as we called it whilst we were doing it: cheats mosaic!

We've worked on a few crafty projects these just-gone school holidays. Not as many as I would have liked, but then again do we ever do all the things we put on our to- do lists!?

Decorating, or "mosaicking" these plant pots was a fun activity to do with the kids; it felt like a craft project, but involved no glue or paint, and was easy, and the kids had a ball!

We called it "cheats mosaic" as we were "mosaicking" the surface of the plant pots, but just arranging our decorative tiles, glass pebbles and beads on top of the potting mix. The decorations act as a mulch too, so this is a bonus :)

This would be a fun project to do with young kids, as it's so easy and the little ones would be quite pleased with their results.

We gathered our supplies which included mosaic tiles, coloured garden pebbles & rocks, glass pebbles and some beads. Buttons would also work! I get my supplies from all over but try specialised mosaic suppliers, hardware stores or tile shops for tiles, garden shops for decorative pebbles & rocks, and $2 stores, and crafty stores for various other bits n bobs.

The mosaic supplies are so fun to play with & organise

Once we had all our supplies all set out, we simply went to work "mosaicking" our pots. 

Miss 8 went for a spiral design, whereas Miss 6 went for a hodge podge! I thought she was going really well and should've stopped earlier, but adding more and more beads was just too fun and tempting. I did not impose my design opinions on her though; I let her be free with her creativity!

We now have some cute pots to place around the house. I'm sure they will get tampered with, but that's ok. I loved that the girls had a great time with it and it was more about the experience and process of creating. I might run out of a certain tile whilst mosaicking in the future, and have to  borrow some of these... shhhhh :)

Who loves pretty, shiny things!?

So, who says you need to use neutral mulches for your pots!? 

If you're into colour in your life this is a creative idea for adding some colour into your house in your indoor pots. Or outside pots. 

I love garden art.

I could totally see this used as a project for kinder kids making a gift for Mother's Day, using a small potted succulent with all the decorations that the kids could place in. Fun.

Jules :)

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Sarah Summers said...

This is the best! I will definitely be giving it a go with my littile ones. Special and simple with a tangible result. Thanks Jules and co. X X os. Loved your girls different approaches.


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