May 10, 2017

New Art: Large Modern Acrylic Painting

Hi there creativity lovers :)

I have some personal art to show you today. I recently finished a large (for me) painting that had been ongoing for quite a while. 

Original artwork, acrylic paining, art for sale

It was a bit hard to capture the colours in a front-on photo. I totally blame our gloomy Autumn (feels like winter). I will actually need to scan this painting to get a good representation. I will update the post when I get the painting back from the exhibition. The angled shots give a better representation of it's colour and depth.

Canvas Painting

So I took lots of angled pics to get a more correct representation of how it looks. 

This painting has history. It was one painting, then I got sick of it and painted over it, then I tired of that one, and painted over it again.  

home decor, wall art, original art

original bird painting

I took some close up angles to capture some of the texture of the paint, which you can usually only view in real life.

It's now hanging up at the Warragul train station where they're having a bit of a group exhibition for a week. It opens today (10am Wednesday 10th May 2017) and will also be running when a steam train comes through the station this Saturday. 

The train arrives at 10.10am and departs at 11.10am then again at 4.12pm and departing at 4.40pm. Here's the link to the times incase they change. Fun to take kids along to check it out. (Or train crazy older folk like my Dad!)

The painting is titled "A New Day" and is for sale. It measures 35.5 x 35.5" and it's $500 AUD + shipping  SOLD. Contact me directly if you'd like to view or purchase (my email is in the sidebar.)

Choo choo!

Jules :)


Jess said...

It's so beautiful!xx

Mathew.B Hooks said...

your art which you show here is very nice and your thinking is very deep which we can see in your painting keep up the good work

Michael E. Minor said...

Looks great, like drawing with pencils, but still with paints!


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