April 14, 2017

Getting Inspired by Kids Films

Kids art. Love it!

Miss I was watching Moana for about the zillionth time, and she was drawing as she watched it.

I loved her pencil drawing so much, I scanned it into my computer, enlarged it and printed it out. I coloured it in directly onto the printout, with my prismacolor pencils, then used acrylic paints & medium to give it some more colour.

painting, drawing, colorful art, colourful art

The creature in the middle is a cat mermaid. The little lines down the right hand side bottom are apparently shrimp. 

I think the clouds in the top right are drawn from the lava creature that is at the end of the movie. There are a few spooky parts in the movie for young kids; but overall we are totally in love with this film. Have you seen it yet? 

I love the crab, the character design of him, the way he talks, all the sparkly collected things he has on his back. My girls crack up when he says that he ate his own Grandma, and it took a week because she was absolutely humungous! Kids movies are so fantastic these days. I think they put lots of adult humour in there for keeping the parents entertained too. 

The realm of the monsters was my favourite part due to the colour and seaweedy shapes covering underwater structures. They look like quirky sculptures. The crab I love lives down there in the realm of the monsters. Moana is definitely a creative film. (I tried to find a brighter picture of the realm, but this is all I found. Still very beautiful.)

I just love how this story is about a strong female figure with a leadership role in her community, and she doesn't even fall in love! Love is great n all, but most female characters in disney movies end up swooning over some guy, right!? So refreshing.

I'll leave you today with a quote. So simple & beautiful.

Have a great weekend!

Jules :)


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