October 01, 2016

Living a Creative Life

I get comments all the time about how it's great that I am living a creative life & that my kids will have wonderful memories of all the things we do. Which is nice, so I thank people for that! :)

I do get the feeling that some of these people want more creativity in their lives but can't fit it in, or don't know how to do it. And I think it's a shame if people want to be more creative but feel they can't be because they don't have a specific talent. Or any talent, I hear people say. Gasp! I don't believe that for a second! And anyway, who cares? If you want to do it, do it for the pure enjoyment of it, not because you're going to produce some fantastical product at the end of it.

I'm going to share with you the things I do to live that creative life.
My definition of having a creative life is more than literally sitting down and painting pictures. I think that creativity comes in many forms. I'm pretty much obsessed with living this sort of life, and even though I don't always find the time to make art, I invite creativity into my life via constant creative thoughts, always thinking of creative things to do and inviting them in when the inspiration strikes.

I surround myself with so many inspirations and projects so that I have something creative to think about, work on, or look at, everywhere I turn. I just try to cram lots of it into my life! I have a patchwork rug half-finished on my couch, alongside my rug hooking project; creative books & magazines on my coffee table, and colourful quirky decorations and artwork throughout my house.

In daily life there are chances to be creative, even when I'm busy looking after children or the house and I can't seem to find the time to actually get into my studio and work on my own projects. I do a bit of cooking and I'm always looking for something different to make. (I like that weird healthy food, you know, the recipes where you hide avocado in the cupcake icing?)
Cooking is creating something

I think that even mindful observing can be creative. My artist's goggles are always on. I could be driving down the street and see the sun shining on a beautiful plant with dark storm clouds behind it. I love that colour contrast! I feel like I'm being creative when I'm just mindfully observing beauty. In extension to that, I also feel gardening can be very creative.
Gardening is like 'painting' with plants :)

Sometimes the kids and I make artworks together. Usually if I'm in the studio they get intrigued by what I'm doing and want to join in. There is nothing more freeing than making art with kids. They know how to enjoy it. They don't always get frustrated with trying to produce something that looks fantastic. (I think this starts to creep in with age!)

I love to play around with photography even though I don't consider myself very good at it. It's looking at the world from a different perspective, and seeing the beauty and 'framable' opportunities all around. 
I feel creative when taking photos. I'm always looking for a nice little composition. Or creating one.

I've tried knitting, crocheting, weaving, needlework, stamping, playing guitar & ukulele, cement sculpting, clay work, jewellery making, sewing, mosaicing & I love home decorating. I'm like a hoarder of skills! There's also writing, poetry, art journalling, cake decorating, fancy hair styles, day dreaming, arranging feathers and sticks creatively in the park...

Just keeping my mind and heart open to different ways to be creative keeps me connected to it all. Whatever you tend to, grows.
Ok, so here I'm actually painting :)

Here are some of the ways I add creativity to my life:

Playing in my sketch book.

Reading inspiring/ crafty/ arty/ creative magazines & blogs.

Watching DIY or home decorating shows.

Decorating my home. Rearranging objects.
Shopping to collect supplies. That's a fun part of the creative life!

Dressing creatively. Most of my clothes are colourful.

Making a yummy recipe from scratch and then putting it on fancy plates with some flowers on the table.

Listening to creative podcasts whilst vacuuming. (Don't waste that time!)

Getting onto Pinterest. I could not imagine my life without it! In the past I would have to go to libraries to find pictures and inspiration. Now, thousands of images, and fuel for inspiration is at my fingertips.

Watching youtube tutorials. I can't believe the amount of free tutorials available online. I taught myself to circular knit once, just through online tutorials.

Getting creative with hairstyles, mostly on my kids, my hair is too short and thin!

Watching inspiring movies and listening to music.
Crochet. Or decorate.

And at the end of the day, I also give living a creative life priority. I make time for it, even if it means letting the housework slip a bit. And if it's a very busy day I try to fit in at least one little creative task like taking some photos.

And if it's a really, really busy day, just being surrounded by all my colour and projects and wandering creative thoughts makes me feel like I'm still living that creative life. And I know I'll get around to working on a creative project again soon.

How about you? Do you live the creative life?

Jules :)

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