October 28, 2016

Book Review: Care Packages

How many times do I say I love books!?

Today I am sharing with you a lovely book 'Care Packages' by Michelle Makintosh.
Care Packages

At first I thought this book was all about ideas for gift wrapping, but it's more than that. Care Packages first came about during World War I, where various charities and women's groups were set up to make care and comfort packages that were sent out to soldiers. The packages consisted of useful items or things that were considered luxury at the time.

Fast forward a bit and you can imagine that a care package would be a great thing to send to someone today if they're doing it a bit tough, or even thoughtful packages to let someone know you love them, or in times of celebration.

In today's fast-paced world this is a nice sentiment. To stop and think and take a bit of time to create a package for someone perhaps with no more excuse than "just because." And when they look this cute, well...
And I also think you can use the book for great gift wrapping ideas!

Care Packages is available for purchase here.

Jules x

I hope you enjoyed this review. Have a book you think I'd be interested in reviewing? let me know!

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