August 31, 2016

Illustration Fail

I have an 'illustration fail' to share with you today!

I recently submitted my entrant to the illustration competition, the Global Talent Search 2016 run by Make Art That Sells. The competition was to find an illustrator to be represented by Lilla Rogers who represents some of the most awesome illustrators I've seen.
My probably-disqualified-but-I'll-never-know entry

I had a lot of fun making my entry (which was to illustrate a tea cup and napkin), and the day I submitted I had been up since 4.30am for some crazy reason. I think I forgot to leave the heater on that night and I woke up like a frozen ice block. I am very permeable to the cold!

I had been procrastinating about submitting. I had checked all the requirements in the illustration brief... or so I thought. There was this extra bit that I missed about a bit further down in the text that I overlooked.

For some reason.
Me procrastinating. These items were on my desk and so of course you arrange them in a pretty way and take a photo, right?

I pressed the 'submit' button. I went to check out other entrants pieces on instagram, and went, "No... no... I didn't forget did I!? Noooooo!" I checked the brief. I found the part where it said to put your name and/ or logo ON your piece. I didn't double check the brief well enough. It was like watching the car door close with the keys still inside in slow motion. Wham! Done! Over. No going back.

I had forgotten to put my name on my artwork.

My name. 

One of the things they look out for in an illustration competition is that you can follow a brief. 

I hadn't followed the brief.

I lost about two nights sleep from kicking myself. I'm sure my piece was disqualified.

I have been reminded that 1. I am a human being. 2. Mistakes happen, and 3. Probably don't do important tasks if can be avoided with a freezing and sleep deprived brain.

Can I also add that my husband had been away for almost five weeks and I was holding fort with two kids!? Or are they just excuses, excuses!?

So, I'm ok with my stuff up now. There's always next year. I'm aiming to do one of the Make Art That Sells Mats Illustration courses one day. And I think my entry was better this year (I think last years totally sucked), and I'll possibly think this one sucks soon enough, perhaps next years will be a little less sucky again!

But all is not lost. I have a new illustration piece and I'm now making it into a print to pop in my Etsy shop.

Life is full of fails, and that's just normal, right?

Jules ;)


karina brandt said...

Your illustrations are very beautiful !

stefanie stark said...

I LOVE your "fail illustration" so much!!! Please do never stop painting like this. Looking at your art is such a pleasure for the heart :)


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