July 12, 2016

Weekend Retreat at Warburton

Recently I had a weekend away with a couple of long time old friends of mine. Between the three of us friends, we have acquired seven children. We managed to whittle that down to just one for this getaway! 

I won't go on much in this blog post. It was a very relaxing and rejuvenating stay. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Inspiration was all around especially in the quirky creative town of Warburton, which we stayed near. Couple that with the Australian bush, cafe visits, warm cups of tea, a fireplace, yummy food and good company and we had the recipe for a perfect getaway.
This house we discovered in the main town of Warburton was like a creation straight from the pages of a book I have by Taschen called Fantasy Worlds (Which I love.) Very intriguing. And I hear the owner & creator sometimes comes out and talks about his home. It looked like a grown up manifestation of a childhood cubby house/ fort. 
The Fantasy Worlds book is available here. (affiliate link)

Now you would think I'd be full of inspiration to create, wouldn't you? Nope! I have been creating lots of food though. (Bread, sauerkraut, homemade nutella, cashew paste, broth, soups, cakes, muesli, coconut yoghurt.. the list goes on..) My kids have been on school holidays and now that school is back, I still have one sick at home. I'm hoping to get right back into it very soon with the start of a new school term, Jess Van Den's Year To Thrive program which I will be taking part in, and the Global Talent Search, all starting very soon.

I'm looking forward to it all and hope that my little spark of creativity flourishes into a big furnace again with the help of those programs!

Here's hoping your furnace is firing too :)

Jules x

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