June 07, 2016

New Art Print & The Inspiration

Making a fairy pot

It's not a new occurrence to me that I have fully indulged in the folksy fantasy world of fairies and mermaids and the like since having kids. Scrolling through my (thousands of) photos on my computer I can just see so much colour and creativeness. And toadstools. Which makes me happy. (What makes me not so happy is the thousand of photos that need sorting through. Sigh.)

I've picked a few fun ones out that may have already been shared on my social media, but show how we incorporate that fantasy folksy feel into our lives.
Terrariums are fun to make
I found these little keys on ebay. I bought them for crafting purposes though most of them have disappeared into the land of imaginative play thanks to curious little hands in my studio.

I've been working on a new print over the last couple of weeks. I found a little doodle I'd done in the corner of a sketch book that I thought would make a nice painting. Of course, it's a little fairy house.
The painting in progress

It's no wonder I'm in this world. I love it so much though, I will probably stay here even when my kids grow up. 
Princess playing mama to a praying mantis in the garden. Complete with scrunched hat :)
I have no idea what I was starting here..!
Toadstools are a big source of inspiration

So I have finished the new painting and have made it available as a print in my Etsy shop. It was so much fun to paint and I imagine little fairy folk inside there, nice and warm, straightening up their belongings and making dew drop tea.
I hope my painting or blog post inspires you in some way. And indulge in the fairy fantasy world if you want to; regardless of your age!

Jules :)

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