June 16, 2016

Does Social Media Make You Feel Bad?

Preened rooms? Gorgeous designer furniture & rugs and people sipping their homemade superfood smoothies on their picturesque decks (with hair and make up looking professionally done)?

I just read this post from Design Sponge. They had a monthly challenge using the has tag #DSCandid which they made to get people to submit photos of real life without filters.

What a great idea. I'm sure that if they showed more of these photos they'd probably loose readers, as people do want to look at awesome pretty photos. But then again, there is so much talk about all the pretty pictures making people feel bad & like they haven't got their own lives together.

Here are some real-life facts about myself.

I often don't bother much with my hair or put make up on.
I am very messy. I go to clean or tidy but then get totally distracted and sidetracked by other shiny things, projects or my phone/ computer.
I get really stressed if the house is messy, but it usually always is because I like to do my artwork and creative stuff first, thinking I will get to it later, but then later never comes. I don't mind housework so much, it just seems like there's never a good time to actually do it! I often feel overwhelmed by it.

So I thought I'd join in the challenge and went through some photos of mine and found a few 'real-lifers'.

Enjoy :)
To be honest this one looks like it has a filter. But yeah, this is what my desk usually looks like.
Hmmmm. Glitter and kids. Obviously this was left here and they'd gotten sidetracked, just like their Mum does, and they were off onto the next thing.
And me! In a totally messy room with my hair totally not done. That is not a stain on my top by the way, it's an old mirror. I have to redeem some of my dignity!
Working on our paper mache tree

So what do you think of all the pretty Instagram/ Facebook/ Blogging photos? Do they make you feel inadequate or do you just enjoy looking? I love all the pretty photos but I do think it's important every now and then to check into reality and to remind ourselves that no one is perfect. Even if they look like sometimes they come really close.

Jules :)

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