June 03, 2016

Creative Book & Magazines

Hello! How are we?

I'd like to share today two of my favourite creative magazines. Lucky me, my husband bought me the Uppercase Compendium of Craft & Creativity for my Birthday recently. Let's start with that.

Compiled and published in Canada by the enviously studious and amazing Janine Vangool from Uppercase Magazine. (How does she do it all?) This is a book of different artists & crafters talking and showcasing their work. Every few pages features a different artist and it's great to delve in and to read about their processes and thoughts surrounding their chosen craft. 

You also get this slip jacket where you can refold and choose your favourite cover. If you're a paper lover like me then you get a tad more excited than is normal over little things like that.
I chose this cover for my copy :)
Christina Roos page. So great to flick through and discover new artists that pique my interest.

Easily available online if you live in Australia, through Wordery. The postage was a bit too pricey coming directly from the Uppercase shop, but we ordered it through Wordery it was delivered quickly. 

Now for Flow magazine! Something else that I have an out-of-normal-range excitement level for when a new issue comes out. The magazine that originates in The Netherlands looks great, is beautifully designed, featuring artists, craft, stories and articles that to me, are just 'normal'. Not gossipy or trying to out- do anyone else, but down to Earth honest articles and quirky, creative pictures. It's colourful and makes you feel happy. This mag comes with lots of fun little bonuses such as tear out gift tags and the like. 

On their website they state; "Flow is a magazine that takes it's time. Celebrating creativity, imperfection, and life's little pleasures." I love that.

I order this one in to my local Newsagent.
Taproot magazine is a very 'Earth Mama' type of magazine, featuring a bit of craft, some stories, a feature cover artist and some cooking. Think spinning wool, preserving plums & free ranging chickens with kids in handmade clothes running after them getting grubby after their home schooling session :)

I order this one directly from the Taproot website. Australians can also source this magazine from my friends at Spiral Garden in Tasmania.
Thanks for stopping by.

Jules :)

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