May 20, 2016

A Colourful Wish List

This post contains affiliate links (see bottom of post for explanation).

These colourful things are on my wish list at the moment:

A subscription to the design mag Uppercase.  A quarterly magazine focusing on creativity and inspiration. Design, illustration and craft, with much of the content supplied by subscribers, which is an interesting collaboration.

I recently tried out these Lyra pencils in my local art store. They are soft and the colours are intense. Just beautiful. They also have chunkier versions which are good for kids. I can't rave enough about the intensity of the colours. I really think kids should use proper art materials when creating too; shame on those manufacturers making those crappy crayons and pencils where hardly any colour comes out! But I actually want these for myself :)

A Lilla Rogers MATS course where you learn to develop your style for producing illustrations for licensing onto products. Illustrators of all stages have taken this course, and even the already successful ones say they gain something new each time they take one of her courses. Always room to grow and learn, I say. One day, when I have a bit more time up my sleeve.

This Maharaja Chair. Many art ideas would come to me easily sitting in this with a cup of tea, I'm sure.

This Fontainebleau wallpaper by Cole & Son. But of course, this is not easily attainable in Australia unless you have a spare $800 up your sleeve for one roll. *Cry*

And while I'm on a train of wishful thinking, can we just uproot one of the Anthropologie stores and place it in the Eastern suburbs of Victoria, Australia? I have a constant love affair with their rug range (actually, most of the stuff in their stores) and wished that more shops here were as bold, creative and colourful. At the moment I could choose about half a dozen rugs that I like on their website, but if I really had to choose, I'd take this one. So dreamy.

I could go on, I tell you. I just love colour & creativity. Especially when people express it, whether it's by decorating their interiors or dying their hair. Being a bit different. And when artists or creatives get hold of their own homes and decorate them... that sounds like a blog post for another day. So inspiring.

I hope you find some colour in your day.

Jules :)

*Affiliate Information: Affliliate links help me earn small commissions on products (at no extra cost to you), which helps support my love of blogging and sharing creative things. I only ever recommend or link to products that I'm genuinely into.

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karina brandt said...

Hi Jules,These colors are beautiful, especially the armchair an I have to try out these pencils


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