May 13, 2016

Oh, Mister Finch!

Art Book swoon time! This book is an absolute, coffee table VIP guest sort of a book. In terms of books, it has royalty status on the shelves!

The front cover has a special leather feel with embossing which is lovely.

Mister Finch is a man who sews soft sculptures with amazing ability and creativity.
I imagine seeing Mister Finch working away in his English studio would be akin to peering through a crystal ball into the past, seeing him sew his intricacies amidst his books, surrounded by mystical hand sewn toadstools. I can almost hear the crackling of old movies he has on in the background for inspiration. (As he describes his working day tucked away in his studio in Yorkshire.)

He collects vintage materials as supplies. Old curtains & dresses; and creates various creatures and toadstools, with a special attraction towards creating moths. Perhaps he is drawn to them for their understated beauty? I know if I see a moth I always go up for a closer look as they often have amazing colours and patterns working their way through what on first glance seems to be dusty and bland wings. He says he sees them as witches pets, perched on their shoulder, ready to help them with some sort of witchy task.
The book is a fantastic catalogue of his work, with more photos than writing. In fact, I think there are just the right amount of words in this book and the photos of his artwork are the main focus. As should be in a visual arts book.

This book requires lots of quiet time and a very large pot of tea. Shhhhhh, children. Mummy's reading.
He says he wants to inject a bit of old- fashioned magic back into the world. I think you've done that, Mister Finch. And with a name like Mister. Finch, honestly, would there have been any career choice other than creating these mystical beings of magic? 

Just beautiful.

You can find Mister Finch's book here: Mister Finch: Living in a Fairy Tale World (affiliate link)

Have any books you think I'd love? Let me know!

Jules :)

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