May 10, 2016

New Gift Tags & Creative Gift Wrapping

I love wrapping presents and my Etsy packages that I send out.
An Etsy order sent out recently
A little hand painted tag for a gift

I created some little images to pretty up my orders and I then decided to expand on that idea and create a set of illustrated gift tags. This is my first one that is The Forest Set.
I wanted the range to have a natural feel & be pretty and eclectic. 
Behind the scenes: Photo shoot time!
One of the tags is stamped from a hand carved stamp that I made
So, my tip for wrapping super cute packages is to mix lots of different materials together in the one package. In other words: be a craft- supplies hoarder! I think packages look super cute when you mix lots of materials together;

- Scrap book paper or pretty wrapping papers
- Tissue papers, fancy textured papers, torn paper, brown paper, stamped or painted-on paper
- String, wool (the fancy ones!), crochet cotton, ribbon, twine, ric rac, strips of fabric
- buttons, beads, pom poms, tassels, sequins or other random craft supplies
- Washi tape, washi tape and more washi tape!
- Gift tags, labels, stickers
- Natural items like gum nuts, leaves

My favourite washi tape storage system, and a paper source book full of labels, stickers and gift paper etc.
Home made envelopes made from a template out of scrap book paper.

So grab your supplies and start layering. I usually start with one main colour then add strips of washi tape, different papers, string, etc. You can see I have a bit of a style/ theme going on. It's colourful, but not bright; eclectic and earthy. You could choose a style, or choose a few complimentary colours and stick to those. I usually just pick out pieces of paper that I think matches the things I've already attached to the gift wrapping. When I'm buying supplies I know what I like and I just purchase the products I'm drawn to, and since I have a defined style and I'm pretty definite in what I like, they all seem to go together. (I use the same principles with clothing and home decorating!)
So just have fun with it and see what you come up with. It's an art form in itself.

I hope you've enjoyed my blog post on gift wrapping and looking at my new gift tag designs. 
The new gift tag forest set is now available for purchase here.

Jules :)


karina brandt said...

Dear Jules I love your work, I watch your blog already long.
Your color is beautiful!
have you the gift tags painted with hand?
or they are printed?
Karina from Germany

Jules Madden said...

Hi Karina,
I have checked out your blog too and I think we love the same colours! Your work is beautiful. I originally painted the tags but for the sets I print them out and cut them out by hand. Thanks for visiting :)


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