May 22, 2015

Recently Discovered Art That Inspires Me

The internet is amazing for searching for new art that I love, and I have recently come across three artists that have just blown my mind. I am so inspired by these ladies to really get into 3D work. I'd love to dive right in now, but my time constraints at the moment might hold that off for a little longer. (Boo! Who cares, maybe I'll just start!?)

I can spend hours pinning art and looking at art online, so it's always surprising when I discover new art that I really love that I've never seen before. And also, with the highly saturated amount of work online, the art's really got to be good to stand out from the crowd.

Funnily enough these artists are Australian. It must be something about our unique quirkiness that has spawned these fabulous artists. You know there's a weird sense of humour that goes on here..!

I love both of these artists for their use of a wide range of materials and skills. The cramming of lots of bits and pieces into one creation to make a coherent artwork. We have so much 'stuff' & clutter in our lives today; but I feel these works are a celebration of that. I get excited by these pieces, I am awe inspired by the amount of work gone into them. I love their weirdness.

One day I hope to see some of them in real life.

The first artist is Kate Rohde. Her resin work and attention to detail is amazing.

The second are two artists working together: Pip & Pop. These pictures are from their exhibition "We Miss You Magic Land!" They make me laugh and gasp, and they seem to look like work that has come from being in a toy-shop-candy coma. I love that I can see cheap materials in there; like squishy foam and sand that kids would play with, plastic beads, and pipe cleaners. There are pipe cleaners in there aren't there!? LOVE.

And now that my inspiration bucket is full (it's overflowing), I have a kid free day and I am going to immerse myself in creativity of some sort. And totally ignore the messy house, that can always wait, right?

Much inspiration to you!


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