August 10, 2014

Creating For & With Kids & Incube8r Gallery

Well hello blog, my old friend! A bit neglected lately, hey?

I have been busy with a capital B. I have more items in my Etsy Shop, I have joined Instagram... follow me @jules_tummyache if you wish. People have been telling me to join, I finally did and I love it! I have also rejoined Incube8r Gallery and stocked my space there with my craftiness. More on that soon.

A lot of my time is spent with house duties and mothering, as my kids are still young. But any other time is usually spent creating something or other. When we get a chance, I like to do kid friendly crafts with my little poppets. Even though Miss 3 1/2 got bored of her her project and left and proceeded to empty out a whole bottle of red paint and use every single paintbrush in her tin. Oh, kids! There's a whole new level of patience we must strive for when looking after kids. High fives to anyone out there that chooses to work with the very young!

This clip organiser was a very easy project I devised. We used plastic coat hangers coated with non-toxic craft glue. (Craft glue is a bit different from your normal PVA, it's a bit more faster gripping.) We then used thin coloured strips of fabric wrapped all around. That was an easy step that the kids could be proud to accomplish, great results for easy work. Even Miss 3 1/2 managed ok. We made fabric flowers with instructions from the latest issue of Mollie Makes Magazine. But there are hundreds of tutorials for fabric flowers online, just do a search, or you could use pom poms.. beads.. buttons. So many options. Then three ribbons simply glued to the bottom. So easy, so satisfying, and so pratcial. Win-win-win! 

Except for the red paint thing.

In a more adventurous creating for kids style I have promised to make this for Miss 5 1/2. 

Yes, I could've probably bought one for cheaper. No, we haven't even seen the movie. Yes, I could probably spend my time better making something beautifully creative that's not Disney. Yes, I might be a bit over committing myself when I have other work to do. But I have this crazy desire to do something like this, as I always dreamed of sewing costumes for my little ones when I had kids one day. I really enjoyed putting these costumes together for them a while back. Little Red Riding Hood and The Beautiful Butterfly from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Fun.

So I'll make the costume. It'll make Miss 5 1/2 so happy!

My next two photos are of some of my work that is now inhabiting Incube8r Gallery in Smith St Fitzroy (Victoria, Australia). I have a lot more space in there this time around- I used to sell there pre- kids. My style has changed a bit since I was there, but I still have some pieces that used to be favourites. Incube8r Gallery is a place where artists display & sell their wares. So it's all handmade and you can see the work of 50+ artists there. Definitely worth a check in if you are in the area. And nice to keep in mind buying handmade & supporting artists for the fast approaching silly season. I think Christmas will be here before we all know it! 

Thanks for reading, I'll be back soon. :)

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