June 22, 2014


I have been BUSY! I have so many projects on the go- personal and business-y, and I'm loving all of them and I am stealing every minute I can to sneak away into the studio and feeling blessed that my two cheeky chickens (my girls) play nicely with one another.. most of the time. 

I recently had my Homemaker picture framed and sent it off with a mixed media piece to The Red Fox Gallery Cafe in my neighbouring town Drouin. I hope they will bring lots of their customers some happiness and nice feelings. 

I finished off these two bohemian folksy mobiles for a custom order. I need some more of these in my Etsy shop but they sell as quick as I make them! I'm happy for people to order them from me at this stage whilst I'm still making them. They won't be a forever thing.. just drop me a line.

I listed an original in my Etsy Shop. I hope you like it!
I love painting pictures with making children happy in mind, and feeding into that wonderful imagination and wonder that they possess. I can't stand Barbies and Brats dolls and all the other dolls that slot into that category, and characters aimed at children donned with mobile phones and shopping bags looking cool; on the verge of being sexually promiscuous.. So you can rest assured any of my images will be plucked straight from the land of tradition, cuteness and all things sweet. After all, kids are kids for such a short time, and their natural innocence is something I feel I need to protect fiercely. For sure enough, they won't be kids long, and they have plenty of time to be grown up. So inject as much magic into their lives as you can during this precious & fleeting time!

I have more paintings and things to show and stuff going on… I have signed up to In.cube8r Gallery again (I was with them pre- kids), so am madly making a bunch of stuff to fill my allocated space there. 

I hope you've enjoyed my short 'n' sweet update.. until next time creative souls… :)

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