June 27, 2014

Mini Holiday

Went to Inverloch again for a few nights, and managed to get so much painting done! It was like a mini Art Jam holiday! The weather was terrible- cold & windy & raining. Which gave us all good excuse to stay inside and relax guilt free. Even though it is winter here it's still nice to go to the beach and have a bit of a break. We didn't get much beach time, but the girls loved it when we did. The weather was exceptionally miserable! At least rainbows come out when it rains.. :)

So we had many Art Jam sessions! I'd just gotten up from the table to take a photo of us creating here.

Thanks to my neglectful parenting and the use of the TV, I got a lot of painting done! I pretty much completed these two paintings. This top one is called "we all get by". The next is untitled. Just a bit of an image that was floating around in my head.

Then I felt the urge to return to my illustrative past.. sometimes I like to get away from it and be more painterly and 'arty', but it always draws me back in. I was getting inspired by looking at some of Emily Martin's work online, her dreamy story- telling images from that childhood wonderland I'm always trying to tap into. 

On the wall at the clubhouse (as it was called where we stayed) was an empty picture frame crying out for some attention. So, cheekily, I took it apart and added some characters then reassembled it. We had some good chuckles whilst doing this. Thanks to my family members' bizarre sense of humour we all collaborated on the ideas ;)

I will miss the quirky clubhouse with it's weird bathroom sink… look at the size of that thing!

Now I think I have the holiday bug! I am dreaming of a new adventure.. a place in a forest somewhere with no technology and lots of inspiration, trees, plants and thinking time. And of course, my sketch book, paints and new ideas.

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