May 18, 2014

Catch Up

Hello! Where does time go!?
Updates & happenings...
New print in the shop called The Autumnal Mythical Creature. Mythical creatures, with pure hearts and  innocent playfulness, have been creeping into my artworks of late. I had no conscious idea this was happening until I was perusing some of my recent work and discovered a theme going on. They must have snuck into my subconscious, taken over my arms, and translated themselves into drawing reality! It reminds me of when I was reading some text recently by Mark Ryden, who stated that late one night (the strange early hours of the morning?) a small Abraham Lincoln landed upon his shoulder and told him to "paint meat". My thoughts are that sometimes images or themes in our work choose us. So where do they come from? From an unseen dimension?.. from a realm of mystic & wonder?... a dreamlike place? The longer you paint and work and practise creativity, the closer to this world you become...
So here she is:

So, Autumn has really gotten into my blood this year. Totally loving the colours, the layers of clothes, the wonder of children being able to play outside happily while the weather is still mild. I dabbled in some crochet and knitting for my little Miss Isla's kinder (whilst totally out of action for four days with a bad back- ugh!)

And can you ever see too many beautiful Autumn leaves?

Another crochet project I completed. I am all crocheted out now. I don't have time for too many hobbies, as whilst I'm crocheting, I could be producing art :-/ This infinity scarf was made with Miss Isla in mind as she has been struggling with some separation anxiety at kinder. She is a very touchy-feely girl and her biggest comfort is me. I am her teddy bear! So I wanted to give her something tactile and nice to feel, that is also connected to me. Different textures for her to feel and feel comforted by. The crochet motif is a big chunky heart, that represents Mummy's love. Her teacher told me she wears this back-pack style with the heart facing her heart! Doesn't that just melt your heart!? Oh, my precious angels! 

I have so many ideas too. I'm very motivated and inspired lately, but seriously lacking time. It's ok though, I am not too stressed about it. My kiddies are growing fast and they'll both be at school before I know it, so I'm trying to be mindful of this. Anyway, will try to get all of these ideas in my head out with the limited time I have. I will just keep plodding away and let things flow naturally. x

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