March 23, 2014

In Art & Life...

Hello, it's been a while... again! I do so much wish to get back into blogging more, but it will take me a bit of time to get some more time as my little kiddies grow. Little Miss Isla has been having trouble separating from me at kinder, and so I have been hanging around there playing with three year olds. So my plan of her starting kinder and me getting a bit more art time hasn't really panned out just yet. But we'll get there, I am not worried :) I have waited five and a half years! What's a little more?
Here's a little peek at some art I have done recently. I did post these on my facebook page recently, but I know everyone's not on it so I will post piccies here too. The top one is called "Startled", and it's pencil and acrylic on paper. The second one is a painting I started recently at the Warragul Arts Market. I am happy with what I've done so far, but the momentum kind of slowed for me and I need to take some time to look at it and figure out where I'm going with this. I like to follow a natural path with my work, and if it feels forced, well, it's just going to look forced and unnatural. I like how these guys are so content and relaxed. They are happy with themselves, to just 'be'. There's no need for chit-chat; their meditative stroll & their thoughts are all that is needed.

In other areas of my life I've recently been thinking about how I can save money... OP SHOPPING!!! I need a few new clothes and I'm trying to find cheap items that I can upcycle myself. I have been on the look out for a jacket, as winter is coming up, and SCORE!! I found one, so happy. But first, here's a skirt that was too small, so I pulled off the original waistband and sewed on a stretchy one. Done! Easy.

Here are some items I've picked up op shopping.. the top left has some serious ruffles going on that accentuates my pin head, so I will just tuck and hand stitch bits down until it looks better. The two square bits were fabric I found, I soooo love the yellow fabric there, what a find! The green top on the top right needs whizzing in at the sides, that will be quick. The top under it fits ok except for the tight waistband. I will take that off and make it a bit bigger before sewing it back on. The retro-y dress in the middle needs a neckline and sleeve update, the other top at the bottom left needs nothing done and the scarf will go in my studio square scarves collection, and one day I will start sewing them all together to make a curtain for somewhere in the house. 

And this jacket!!! It's all wool! $8. And in one of my favourite colours :) I got eager and started messing around with it before I took the photos.. so here it's already been pinned in, and shoulder pads have been removed. It was really square with no shape, and a tad big. 

To make it easier, it has no lining. Which is ok, I guess you wear jackets over long sleeve tops anyway.  I have started safety pinning it in at the seams, to give it a more fitted look. I will straight sew these seams before overlocking, so I can unpick if needed and make sure I'm happy with the new seams before I commit. I'm up for a challenge!

So I'm proud that I have been finding some cheaper and environmentally friendly ways of updating my wardrobe. And even though I'm not looking forward to cold weather, I am starting to look forward to layers of clothes, warm comfort foods, cuddles with my kiddies, and watching them stomp about in gumboots, raincoats & beanies. :)

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