February 16, 2018

Arty Nails: DIY Transfer

Hello creative souls :)

Some DIY nail art today!

I'm not a big fan of fancy glamorous nails, but colourful fun arty nails? Yes please. :)

I made a transfer using scrapbook paper, which is fun because the options are limitless when utilising this craft supply.

Start by applying two coats of clear nail polish to a small piece of the scrapbook paper, letting the nail polish dry in between coats.

Trim the transfer to the width of your nail, rounding it at one end and leaving it longer than your nail; that part gets trimmed back later. Soak it in water for a minute or so.

Ever so gently, the next step is to rub the paper away from the back so you are left with a thin transfer. be careful not to tear it, it's very delicate! Dab it dry with a tissue.

Paint a coat of clear polish onto your nail and press the transfer on whilst the nail polish is still wet, then leave it to dry.

Trim the transfer back, add a top coat to protect, and you're done!

Now enjoy your arty nails!

Jules :)

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