May 25, 2017

Sewing Project: Decorative Hand Towels

I've migrated to the sewing room of late. I have sewn these decorated hand towels that were a quick and easy craft project to do.

Any place in my home that I can tweak to be a bit more colourful makes me happier. Just drying my hands on a decorated hand towel makes that everyday action just a little special, I think. And when many of my projects take a long time to complete, having something that is quick and easy to do is always a winner. You can whip up some of these then spend the rest of the day lounging around guilt- free in the knowledge that you have achieved something! That's my philosophy anyway!

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I bought 4 coloured hand towels and then used fabrics I already had to make a panels for the towels for decoration. I just went through my fabrics and matched up prints I thought looked good against the towel colours. 

You don't need much fabric, so this is a good stash- busting sewing project to make.

I measured the size of the panels I wanted, then added seam allowance all around, then folded the seam allowance under and ironed them flat. My panels were all different widths because I'm a bit lazy and haphazard when it comes to craft projects sometimes! But you can be more precise if you want.

I then pinned them in place and top stitched around them, sewing close to the edges.

Trim your ends and you're done!

Such an easy quick project, and then you have some super cute towels to brighten up your day when you dry your hands. (Would make a pretty cool house warming present for a fellow colour lover too.)

I love this fabric, I actually found it in an op- shop

This photo makes me think I could do this to bath towels too...

Make everyday tasks beautiful ;)

So that's it from my sewing room for now! I hope you like my decorated hand towels sewing project.

Jules :)


Tan said...

What a great idea! I might be able to upcycle our big towels with holes in them to be cute hand towels like yours...when the sewing room is done ��

Debz said...

Love the towels, such colorful fabric!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the awesome inspiration Jules.


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