May 15, 2017

3 Creative Illustrated Children's Books

It's been a while since I blogged some kids books. I love Children's picture books with eye catching and beautiful illustrations. Here are three that have crossed paths with me recently. (I will always collect children's picture books, I did before I had kids and will continue to do so after they have grown up I'm sure!)

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Wild by Emily Hughes is an engaging, short story that provoked a lot of thought within me, about children's "wildness" and their love of imaginary play.

The illustrations are beautiful- they have so much detail and the pencil work gives the illustrations depth and texture.

Wild by Emily Hughes

I asked Miss 6 what she likes about the book (because she has read it numerous times), and she simply stated "I just like it." I think it appeals to her imagination. That imagination that tells her she really is a wild animal! Miss 6 was misbehaving a little yesterday whilst out. I knew it was trouble to tell her that I think she had gone wild like the girl in the book, but I couldn't help myself. Growling, snarling and running around ensued. My fault! But how lovely to be a kid and enter into this imaginary world at the drop of a hat.

Wild is about a girl who is found in the forest, and brought into a home. It doesn't work out in the end, because this girl cannot be tamed. So you can see why kids would love it! Fun.

You can see why I love these illustrations, they are amazing

(I also found this fantastic link where Emily explains the process behind making this picture book.)

The next book is Cloth Lullaby: The Woven Life of Louise Bourgeois by Amy Novesky, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault. 

The book is a mini life story about the late French born artist Louise Bourgeois. This book has beautiful illustrations and talks of Louise's childhood and the source of her inspiration to become an artist (hint: her weaving mother was a big influence). This book might appeal to kids that are deeply interested in art. I feel that kids that own this book would get something new out of it every time they read it, and also as they get older and reread it again, too.

Cloth Lullaby by Amy Novesky Illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault

It appeals to me because I love teaching my kids about different artists. How they are different, how they all have their own ideas, their different personalities and ways in which they work. 

The illustrations do this memoir of an artist justice. How tricky it would be as an illustrator to represent the sensibilities of another artist. I think that Isabelle has done a fantastic job.

Talking of books about famous artists, the next book is The Iridescence of Birds. This book also talks about an artists upbringing: Henri Matisse. 

The Iridescence of Birds by Patricia MacLachlan Illustrated by Hadley Hooper

With insights into the elements that made up Henri Matisse's childhood, why would he not become an artist? 

I get so much inspiration from Henri Matisse's art, and as a creative family, it's important to me to introduce my kids to some of the great influential artists. Matisse of course being one of them.

I like how the illustrations emulate some of his paper cut work & colours of his artwork, with their bold shapes, and they also have that textural quality which comes from the block printing which is part of the illustration technique used for these images. Another worthy addition to our children's picture book library.

I hope you enjoyed those three Children's book reviews. I am currently working on illustrations for a children's book, so I am very much immersed in the picture book world at the moment, and my radar's set to high when any quality children's books come my way.

Jules :)

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I love seeing inspiring children 's books ��

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nice art work.....loving the efforts .....grate article.....


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