February 10, 2017

A Local Art Gallery- The Station Gallery

We have a local arts gallery called The Station Gallery in Yarragon, which is not far from me here in West Gippsland (Victoria, Australia).

Yarragon is a pretty cute place to visit along the highway, with cafe's and gift shops. Well worth a visit.
Colourful mosaic ladies, sculptures
 "Jessica & Gina" by Jo Stewart

I haven't been into the gallery for a while (it's always the way isn't it, you don't visit what's in your own backyard!) but I popped in there recently to view the current mosaic exhibition they have running.
"Beachside" by Dot Thorne

I always find it's nice to get out and view work in the flesh rather than looking at it through a computer screen or on my phone. It always gives me a bigger dose of inspiration.
"The Wise One" by Alene Bonser
Left: "Patchwork" by Viv Hordern, Flowers by Colleen Bright
colorful,colourful, artwork, mosaic, art, paint palette, rainbow art
"Painter's Palette" by Elisabeth Smoorenburg
Mosaic, sculpture, art, art gallery
"Siam" by Colleen Bright
Top: "Whitsundays" by Janet Wyllie 
Bottom: "Small Fish" by Colleen Bright

I couldn't resist taking a shot of these soft- sculpture birds. As well as the current exhibition there's also pieces like these, as well as handmade jewellery on display.
Soft sculpture art birds
"Oracle Birds" by Judy Boaler

I've had a couple of pieces in the gallery in the past. I really must pull my finger out and get more involved with the local gallery!


The Station Gallery is located at the Yarragon Railway Station, Princes Highway, Yarragon Victoria. Opening hours are Wednesday to Sunday 10.15am - 4pm.

Jules :)


Maya Kuzman said...

Wow! So many exquisite works! Would be thrilled to visit this Gallery.

Anita George said...

takes mosaics into the lounge room, not just the garden. last month was fabulous fibres, tales with textiles. April will be back to Paintings on the walls. A very easy 1.3 hr drive from melbpurne


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