August 24, 2016

Two Wonderful Children's Picture Books

I wanted to share today two children's picture books that have recently caught my eye. The first one is called "Virgina Wolf" by Kyo Maclear & illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault.
Virginia Wolf (affiliate link)

Isabelle's illustrations have caught my eye in the past before, so I just had to check out this children's book. This was published back in 2012 and I love the illustrations in it. I found this book quite poetic and it could be used as a springboard for discussion of different emotions with children. It reads sisterly love, as one sister paints "Bloomsberry", which is a garden-like forest where her 'wolfish' sister wants to go. This was a winner in our house because of course sometimes you turn into a wolf, of course sometimes you feel dull, of course we paint all over the house, of course we do nice things for our sisters when they are in a 'funk', and of course we ALL loved the illustrations! Beautiful.
The page I opened the book up to when we got it... gasp!

"I want my Hat Back" is a clever picture book by Jon Klassen. Normally I go for books that are more elaborately illustrated, which is just my personal preference; but I do have respect for a well- designed book, and the wit with which this book is written makes it a definite stand- out.

It's a simply (seemingly) illustrated book. I say seemingly because there's often a lot of thought and design that goes on in the early stages of creating such a book. I think it's really well designed and my kids Miss 6 and Miss 8 loved it and asked for it to be re-read again and again.

There was one page around about the middle where, and I don't want to give anything away, but the main character of the story has a reaction that induced a lot of squealing and laughing. It's a witty, clever story that we all enjoyed. Well worth getting one for your bookshelf!
I Want My Hat Back (affiliate link)

Have you read any of these books? I just love kids books! If there's one you'd like me to check out, please let me know.

Jules :)

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