July 22, 2016

DIY Geo Origami Mobile

Want an easy craft to do that has big impact for little effort? Go these origami geo shapes. So fun and effective.

You can even make these origami shapes and hang them randomly around your house. They are a little addictive :)
I made all these geo origami shapes then decided to hang them from fishing line onto a triangle of branches found in my backyard. The branches I cut were about 40cm (16") in length.
You'll need scrap book papers, small branches, string or twine or wool & fishing line, scissors, and a hot glue gun.
Ok, so here's what you do in picture form:
Hopefully my pictures are self explanatory. Let me know if you get confused! Once you have made one, make another the same size. For each geo shape you need two pieces that will glue together. Poke a small hole in the top of one piece and thread string/ wool/ fishing line through with a decent knot in one end to hold it up. 
The next part is a bit tricky where you place the two parts together using your hot glue gun to join. I think it's easy to go around and do one 'point' at a time, until you've glued all of the points together.

Then, go crazy! Hang them from twigs like I have done or dot them throughout your house :)
The beauty of this project is you can customise your papers to suit your own taste and style. Of course, I have used colourful decorative scrap booking papers for mine. My largest geo shape is made from two standard sized scrap book papers. The rest I cut down smaller than that. Play around with different sizes. The small ones look so cute!

Have fun :)

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