May 25, 2016

Artists' Interiors & My Colourful Home

As an artist and illustrator, when I was younger I always dreamed of having my own home one day that I could paint murals in and do anything I liked.

Photograph of Gerald de Cock, hairstylist, an artist of sorts. Photo by Todd Selby. His photography is totally worth a look!

Now that the house dream has come true, I just need to make the time to actually finish some creative interior projects!

We have a 'graffiti wall' in the hallway, and I also banned white walls in the house. (The only room that's white is my studio and I'm wondering if I even needed to do that.) I'm slowly painting other walls in the house different colours. I tend to go colourful, but a muted palette so it's not 'brights'.

I'm sure the painters were wondering why I painted the whole place yellow...

So anyway, the homes of artists & creatives really intrigue me. Not their studios, which are supposed to be creative, but how their creativity spills over into their general living areas. I tire of home decorating shows talking about the bold use of big white ripple tiles. Give me a break! I want to see honest-to-god bold projects and ideas! Don't get me wrong, if white's your thing that's cool, but white is not bold.
How gorgeous is this room in Australian designer Jenny Kee's house?

This is the kind of stuff I'd love to see on decorating shows. Even if we may not go all out like these creatives have done, we can all certainly glean some inspiration and learn to take our abodes in a less serious manner. Does it really matter if you paint colour in your house? It's only paint :)
When I saw photos of artist Mark Hearld's house it was instant love.
Artist Margaret Olley in her messy house. Inspiring because it was messy and she was content with that. I'm messy. So is everyone I live with. (Her remedy was "just buy another bunch of flowers".)
A couple of photos from the artist Lally MacBeth's home.

So you can see what inspires me. I'll show you a few spots in my house I've been working on. I really just see my house as a big work-in-progress-canvas. 
I always wanted to do one of those crazy photo walls, so I did.
One of the boldest decisions that I made in the house was to have multi coloured kitchen cabinets. Not easy to change! Probably should have moved the thermie for photo purposes, but she was busy making ghee :)
This room is downstairs and a work in progress.
Our graffiti wall which hasn't been touched for a long time. This needs a revisit!
This is a wall in the kids room. I am possibly fostering a hoarding tendency in my children. But at least they are being creative with me.

Thanks for reading and I hope I've inspired you in some way today. I've inspired myself... *thinks about purchasing more sample pots*

Jules :)

Ps. If you want to see more of interiors I love hop on over to my 'creative interiors' Pinterest board.

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Stephanie said...

I love artists homes as well. Far more interesting.


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